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You're invited...

40 Over 40 Women Project

Women Photography Project in Iowa

by D Portraits 



Are you a Woman Over 40?

Empowering Women Through Portraiture

40 Over 40 Women Project

is an Iowa Photography Project

by D Portraits designed to highlight

women in their 40's, 50's, 60's, 70s (& beyond!) and show the beauty, strength and wisdom of all women.

We believe Women over 40 often go unrecognized by media and advertising and we want to CHANGE that because we know how much VALUE women bring to the world. We all know that women over 40 have a lot of stuff figured out, are less stressed than 20 years ago, have more confidence and know their priorities.

Let's show the world

our value, our wisdom, and our strength! 

We want to let YOUR light shine!


Come to our beautiful studio and let us pamper you with your own specialized Portrait Shoot -


Then be featured in our

40 Over 40 Women Project Photography Exhibition by D Portaits!


We want to

celebrate you!


What do you get for your

Photo Shoot in 

D Portrait's 40 Over 40 Women Project?


  • A fun photoshoot all about YOU

  • Optional hair and make-up 

  • Assistance with wardrobe styling based on your own personal style

  •  A personal interview

  • Guidance and professional posing 


You will receive:

  • One complimentary DIGITAL PORTRAIT

  • $300 print credit toward PRINTED PHOTOS*

  •  2 tickets to the 40 Over 40 Women Project Exhibition, where your photo(s) will be on display with a special write-up of your personalized interview 



At D Portraits, we specialize in Women's Contemporary Glamour Portraits.

Showing you how beautiful you truly are, and

bringing out the beauty you may not even realize is what we love to do.

We want to shine a light on women over 40 this year, because we believe society needs to pay MORE ATTENTION to this age group! Women 40+ have great stories to tell, strength that they've shown, and wisdom to share!!!

 We look forward to empowering YOU through this exciting portrait experience!

Read on for more...

Be Part of Something Exciting!

Details Below


Empowering Women Through Portraiture

40 Over 40 Women Project is an Iowa Photography Project

designed to highlight women in their FORTIES, FIFTIES, SIXTIES, SEVENTIES, (and YES..beyond!)

and showcase the beauty, strength and wisdom of all women!

So many women struggle to see their beauty, 

whether it's their inner OR outer beauty.

We SEE your beauty, and we want to show you!

Are you a woman between the ages of 40-100+ years old?

If so, you are eligible to participate in this project! 

We know life really begins over the age of 30 or 40, and it's such a well-kept secret.

We want to celebrate you: where you've been, what you've gone through, challenges you've overcome, what your dreams and passions are, what your hobbies or interests are, the live you've lived...what makes you...YOU. 


Be bold, be courageous. Celebrate you! 

That is why we are doing this project. Join us!

D Portraits Team

d Portraits Beauty 03.jpg

* Not redeemable for cash

How do you want to be seen?

Tell your story in a portrait.  Document YOU at this time in your life.


  • Have you always dreamed of dressing up in a little black dress with pearls on? Then that's what we'll do!* 

  • Have you always dreamed of wearing a ball gown and fancy hat and gloves? Then that's what we'll do!* 

  • Do you have a hobby we can show off in a photo? Then that's what we'll do!* 

  • Do you want to come AS YOU ARE with no frills? Then that's what we'll do!* 

* Limited wardrobe pieces available at studio, you may want to purchase outfits specially for your day!

We can send you links of affordable, portrait-worthy ideas!


Have you noticed the theme here? This Photo Shoot is all about YOU!

~ We're looking forward to celebrating you!

Dee, & D Portraits Team

Dee Edits11.jpg
Dee Edits7.jpg


Here are the Details...

  • Cost for participation: $205.

  • You will receive:

    • A fun photoshoot all about you!

    • Complimentary and optional hair and make-up 

    • Complimentary wardrobe styling assistance and guidance

    • Your own personalized Photo Shoot 

    • A personalized interview

    • One complimentary digital portrait for your use, with printing rights

    • $300 print credit* to use toward portrait purchase (no purchase necessary, beyond the  $205 Session Fee, to participate)

    • The opportunity to purchase more portraits from your shoot, with no obligation

    • 2 tickets to the 40 Over 40 Women Project Photography Exhibition

  • Your photo(s) will be on display at the exhibition.

  • A special write-up of your personalized interview will be displayed beside your portrait(s).

More Details...

  • Must book and complete your photo shoot between 06/15/2021 and 02/25/22.

  • Payment of $205 must be made in order to hold your booking spot; payment is non-refundable. Only one reschedule allowed, we want to be respectful of others in the 40-Over-40 Project!

  • Must participate in Pre-Shoot Consultation either via phone, in-person, or video chat.

  • Must participate in Photo Shoot and Interview.

  • Must sign photo release for Exhibition & marketing (Photographer and you will decide which photo(s) and/or video(s) you are comfortable releasing, must release at least one photo. Photographer and you will decide what interview questions/answers you are comfortable releasing; must release 3 answers minimum).

  • Must participate in Photo Reveal Appointment to view final portraits, either in-person or via video (no online galleries available).

  • Additional photos will be available for purchase, only one photo is provided complimentary; no additional purchase is required. You will have the opportunity to purchase more photos from your shoot, subject to studio pricelist at time of order.

  • Tickets for exhibition are not redeemable for cash. Photographer has no liability if you are unable to attend exhibition. Exhibition may be video recorded.




Be bold. Be courageous.


Celebrate YOU.

~We're looking forward to meeting you!

D Portraits Team


How to Apply for

The 40 Over 40

Women Photography Project

d Portraits Beauty 03.jpg

Click "Submit" to receive more information, and the opportunity

to schedule a complimentary Consult to talk about your own Photo Shoot as part of

The 40 Over 40 Project.


We look forward to hearing from you!

D Portraits Team

Sign Up

THANK YOU for your interest in the 40 Over 40 Photography Project!


Someone will be in contact with you within a few days to give you more information, and the opportunity to schedule a complimentary Consult to talk about your own Photo Shoot.


We look forward to hearing from you!

D Portraits Team

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