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"I'd love to, BUT...."

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"What if I'm not photogenic...?"

We make this one easy.

You don't need to be a model, you don't even need to feel comfortable in front of a camera (who does?)

We hear time after time that we made clients feel so much more comfortable than they expected.

Our goal is to take the most beautiful photos you have seen of yourself ~ and to do that, we will help you relax, we will guide you, and we'll have lots of fun creating authentically beautiful photos personalized just to you,

where the real you shines through! 

You will have the option of hair and makeup touch-ups (dependent upon staff availability) and we will help you decide what to wear, with your own personal style in mind.  This photo shoot is all about YOU!


photo by Pexels

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"Maybe after I lose weight."

We know, we know.

We come up with TONS of excuses

not to get in front of that camera.

Excuses to hide behind our kids

or put our hand up in front of our face

or somehow always being the one behind the camera, celebrating others but never ourselves.

Let us help you change the words you're speaking to yourself!

* You earned who and where you are.

* You are ENOUGH. 

* You deserve to exist in photos.

* You deserve to showcase who you are, all of you: 

your wins, your losses, everything..

because it all makes you...YOU.

* Your family WANTS to see photos of you.

* You are enough to be part of a LEGACY, a life that included YOU.

* You are beautiful, inside and out,

exactly as you are right NOW.

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Empowering Women Through Portraiture

Celebrate YOU at this time in your life.


Celebrate YOU at this age.

Celebrate YOU at this weight. 

Celebrate YOU exactly how you are.


Celebrate YOU.

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