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Legacy Portraits

EXCLUSIVELY at D. Portraits in North Iowa!

Tell Your Story; Capture and Celebrate Your LIFE!

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What is a LEGACY Session?

We capture on photo AND VIDEO, all the things that make you, YOU.

We want to help you tell your story - what things have you seen, what have you been through, what you overcome, what have you accomplished, how do you want to be remembered for generations to come... All of you... Your LEGACY.


You will have an individualized photo shoot with a Formal Portrait of you,

an interview on Video with questions we both decide together on, where we talk about YOU,

and help you tell your story!

How do you want to be remembered...


Your timeless stories, recorded forever in a keepsake video

Everyone has a story worth telling


Preserve your special moments and memories - share your experiences!

We decide together which interview questions we ask! We work with you ahead of time to create a personalized interview

Everyone's life has value and meaning; We want to capture your life,
Your Story.

Photographs and video are so powerful in telling our story. They help our memories when we start to forget.


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